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& confusson.. aftee aafatal hht and run. -3 run.7:08 preliminary is no oon hit and run. run. the search for theecarr. and the cluus that might point police to their sussectt-------------------------------- &p-------------------------------- -3 personal innormation... e-mailed to &unnuspecttng customees. customers..dave) "there's an pcccunt nuuber rom somebooy...." somebody...." the - companyythat xposed hunddeds oo accounts... and thee purprising response hen one ccstomer bbought itttootheir atttntion.-------------------------------- & -------------------------------- 3 maryland. how it could get even hottee tmorrow and whenn ssywatch forrcastt --------------------------------- protecting yoor skin in phe muchhsunscreen you should beeusinn.. anndthe two keep you from getting burnnd. pi'mm.. jeff barnd. barnd. 3 aad 'm jenniierrgilbbrt. a day of swelterrng heat... followed by aanight of severe weatthrr weather. we caught thiss video... on... ouu tower &pcamera onight../ as... - lightniig struck... all around
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baltimmre..///.. ááheavyáá... raan fell.. as he storm rolled throuuh... ./ ááandáá harford 3 warning.../ that juss expired. expired. chief ii... tracking tte torms.. a//// ááandáá is... in the skywatch weather center.../ wiih more ...on where... 3 3 before tonight's
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3 ptorm... blazing... hot temperatuues.. // trigger... a code redd.. in the city offbaltimore. & 3 two people died rom -33 the heet this year... a 91 year old woman and ann80-year ooddman. & p33 today was the fffth code ed dayyso ar this summer. the - sun beat down on ll of & maryland. once it hittthe pavement... ii ccused a miraae bounced off the street. healtt workers saa.....take this heat ssriously. -3 3 whether or not theyyuss the coooinn centers they should remember to use ots of water, 3 and most immpottntly staa n & touch wwth their neighborr, especiaaly those who are -& eldeely or have chronic debilitating diseasee. & 3 the heattindex got overr&a huudred today. today. melinda roederr.. ááde--fiantlyáá... heading
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heat nd hummdity. she's... ... att he oossvell swimming pool ii hampden.../ ith....aa looo.../ at... hoo... somee are finding... elief. 3 f ourse... tte --3 swimmmng pools are crowded this week... withheveryonn &plooking for aaway to cool ff. 3&pon a quest today... for a differenttwwy to quench that need tt cool ff. off..(13:02213 - nats of ice into maahine))13:04:55 "the ice is so fine."((13:02:35 - &pnats of maccine ))on scott street in pigtown...13:04::4 3 snowballs in town."thh bliitering hhat... is good for busiiess....13:00:10 "egg custaadd wwterreloan, ice cceam, bannna."here... customers get a relief... wiih p shot of salvation...13:06:36 preater fullness temple." 13:07:04 "aad get yoorself a plessed snowball.""ids from corneree thissmarket... with a host of flavors to choose from...13:07:37 blueberry, watermeeon..."all ooer the pity.... peeple seek relieff -3 from the uun..12::8:56 "ww
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-&pbaatimoreens... hit the streets... full speeed... 12248:41 "traaning or a heat....12:49:19 "she'' an inttensve care nurse ann i'm a - pdcttr.. we like to go together,. so here eeare.. a gentle reeze along the water...12:41:24 ""ust ennoy the hhrror."mmde harbor east... almost bearablee.. 12241:32 "the heaa doesn't bother me. love the heat." but anyoon outdoors wwll daa pou... it's a hot one... 3& 122:4:35 i meaa a hhdnred and huuid. bad. realll bad." - keeping cool....meens drinkingg up....12:41:44 "you just get a bii glass of lemonnae or iced 3&p11:05:14 "it feels llkk it'ssa - hundredd... we have the shaae here, ut it's really hot."and wwen the heat picks upp.. &p13:04::1 "it just melts right & down!"baltimoreans know he 13304:25 "perfeet on a hht ay" -3
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3 911 tapes....ffom thh pighh... 22teens... were a hit and run ddivee... / áágiveáá a... - glimpse... of whaa happened... &pjussice reporter oy llpola ttels us ... ... one onth later... 33 ssmeone toobeebrought t jussice. justiic. p (((kg))11:41 you aat to go to mlk and pratt1:05 thh veeicle that struck thee ppdistrians ave left the scene what thhe aid. 16 year ld - courtnny angeles nd 177year old emerald mmth... struck whileetryingg o cross the - street, killed aamost instantly. but as calls to -3 911 begin to cooe in.... therees confusion.7::8 shot. ii looks liie a hit and & shooting? no shoottigg immediately, tte ssarch is on &pto fnd the person or personss responsible. but reports vary
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from hat tyyp of vehicle left &pthh scene to what direction the driver is heading.7:37 foxtrot (check 22words) be possiile black honda accord oo black jeep with hhavy front end damage. oe miiute it was supposed to be heading owards minute itt assseen goinn downn he blvd. as 911 recordings reveal.... both ttenssdiee at theescenee... a & hhttand un ... hht's left -33 two girls dead ittso ainffll (1stt ot rommmelinda's pkg) (melinda's pkg 2nd bite) i want to know how someone ii that was there kid eccase someone hittthem and road off. ffr the first time, it'ss now known that ithin minutes 3& by police. nnunidentifiedd & drrvvr who ddes eadly damage. p3359 e dvisse hey're -3&psaaing hey're dvisiig it's a -3 burgundy vehicle it does have pissing itt miirrr aad it marrland. so far no one -& haa been arrested anddfor tthe parentssof these two teens... tte wait is wearing on them.
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(liitle giil crying from pelinda's pkg) as memoriee &pof hat ight still remmii paanfully fresh inntheii & miids. ld 2nd sott it wassthe worst news orsttnews i ever hear i screemed o louddwhy 3 takes a breaah. 3& p joy epola fox 45 news at ten. 3& a hoootng in ssuthwest baltimore sends twoomee tt the hoosital toniggt. tonight. iithappeeed at thh intersection of monnoe and victim was shoo i the chest. the other was shot thatt../ shhoting... ollowed .... a... very violent wwekend... in baltimore ... 3in... northeast alttmore .../ ááaáá... &&p mmn died.. afttr eing ptabbed... in....hisspick-up... &paaenne sunday night.../. ááaboutááá the saae timee../ áanotherá 3 lester orton... court..// p áonáá charless treet .../ a man was fatally stabbed... -3 sattrddy. 3 ii....south-east ballimore ..../ ááhomicideáá --3 petectivess...investigatee.. theedeatt of ...43-year-old... on... bel-nord áádespiteáá tte... surgeein viilence, .../
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-3 áápollceáá p say... ttey''eenot ...changing their strategy.../ &p3 "while this weekenn as pifficult, we are conniiuing to mmke rooress inncrime fight hhre in baltimoor" 3 with... the weekend... violence .../ áátheáá homicide total... stands at 109.. / áácomparedáá -3&p to 100... ttis timee &plast year. & 3& neww evvlopmeets in the towing pfficers..the owners of the majestic auto repair shop and ptowing servicc acused of of the scheme...... pleadedd guilty today.more tan dozen ciiy police officerssare chargeddwith directinn -3 business too hat towing -& servvce in exchange for those perks. tww new york men 3 of trying to sttal valuabbe -3hissorical documenns. janice park ellssus the artiiacts... are estimated to we spoke with the ffi today, pow the two mee knoo each other. but oon is barry according to his we site
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calls imself america's prrsidential history. but it's annintereeting crrie...where poliie say at 3 locks himmelf in bathroom. 3
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3 quessions...about... who posted... racially harred & papers...//t... congreesman... & elijah cummmngs field officee in baltimore..../ááonnáá paper... includes... a wearing whiie hoodss.. using phe n-word../.ááthereááwwre plso... paper plltts... with
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handwwrtten notes.../ ouuside phe oofice.../.áánnáá word... if aa investigation is underway.. /áorá... if charrgss -3 will be filed. 3 33and half... million ddllars. &pdollars. thaa's... - howw.. muchh damage... was ddoe... in catonsvillee.. -3 hotel fire.... saturday.../. p áátheáá &pstaated... in aastorage rooo.../. on...the 7--th.... flooo.../ ááforcinggá 122 guests... out of the building. 3 " some peoplee.... ,3 run down" down"two people... weree -3& hospptalized.../ for smmke inhaaation.../.ááaáá -3 firefighter... wws ... treattd t the ssenee.. -3& for minoo injuries. 3 oneeof baltimore's most famous car dealers has died.. bob bell died yesterday frrm llukemia. -3 llukemia. bell commercials... in his tuxxdo.. anddplaying the ppano. heeopened his baltimoreeaaea ii 979... and eventually expannee...
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& creating the bob bell seven franchises n four locations. --3 bob bell wws 78-years-oll. 3 &p (davee "tons anddtonssof --33 phonn numbers...." - custommr &ppifooration.. ee-ailed out too the publicc puulic. the companyy &prespoosiblee. and the suuprisinn response to theerr mistaae. 33 aa aarest & n tte fourth of july. why the suspect just came 3 aatacking the victim. - 3&p nderwateer nationallaquariuu in ballimore &pis helping wounded soldiers.... recoverrfrom battte. p, [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ] one-two-three-shoot.
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one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations. [ male announcer ] get your own bbq pulled pork sub at subway®. tender, slow-cooked pork with irresistibly bold barbecue sauce. subway. eat fresh®.
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3 tooight...............a
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3& email looddd with subsccibers' & peesonna information is -3 deliiered to customers acrosssbbltimore. baltimore. keith daaiels,.../ live... baltimore an... trred... & abouttits mistake.. keeih. 3 if yu're omcast 3 receive emails from the ccmpany about prooucts and ssrvvces.... ook at thhi.. there aae a lot of &&pttem...... but hen one - baltimmre man received an -& mail alert... he ssmmthing was not right. ////////////////pkg////////////// 33&p it waa suppoosd to be just annther alert.. new - information for comccst caall cuutooerr..............the channeess.... 3 (daae) "there's an accounn number from sooebody...." ..........but when dave in middle river opened hs email & from xfiinity friday...he ccickkd onnso mmchhmore.... &p(dave) "if i receiivd it, who -3 hyperlink with a huue filee loaded with personaal &pinforrmtion on hundreds, maybb & thousaads oo comcast custooers.
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-3 .........account nnmbers, 3 ttns of phone numbers...." alarming discovery for davv..... 3(dave) "" waa afraid it could 3 ptarted stealinggidentitiessorr called commast aaout the curious emaii....(dave) "and 3&ppold, imbo...."(keiih) "ddav tried alllng thee ompany internnt eppatmenn. hhss time, someone answered, butt then plaaed hii on old for & more than 30 minutes.."(dave) - ""nd at thattpoint i thought, welll if they don't care, iim tell them they made aa& ccmmast complaint...... from a cauuiiusscuutomer ....(dave)) "i meaa, i don't know wht you & can do withhccmcasst ccount nuuber for anythinn, should be 333 ww alled comccst.....
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a statment ttnight.. that "the file did conttin aa - liiited amount f customer &pinnormatiin, but noofinancial the file... e apologgze for pny inccnvenience this may -3 have caused." caused." livv in the newsrrom, keith ddniels, ox 45 newssaa tenn pa annis arresteddfoo tte murder of a tourist at thee of juuy ellbrations. cclebbations.marcus harrii pefeene wwen hheslashed jje calo's hrrat thht night. harris' attorney, margaret meade says her client had no 3 police were even lookiiggffr pim... until he saw his pictuueeon the news. 3 8:04 mr. haarrs has done nothing but cry about tis has beenndevastated aaout it. this was never his intention 3 meade says her client has - no pevious reccrd. but -3harris, as severallarrestts
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violations... ann ssault. 3 the... cost ... to fill p your tank... is on theerise aggin. 33p according.... p to... triple a...// the ost of gaa.... pent up... six-ceets.... from - last week..../ páátheáá national -3 average ....ii at... 3- ddllars... 63 cents.../ &p a gallon .../ -3 áátheeá saae... 3 3 oor... pump patrol... -3 wiil... find the best gas ppries... in thiss area,,,../ áágoáá o... fox baltimore-dot-com.../ -3 andd ...ook... in our "hot topics" seccion. -3 doontown owson asn't been immune to the recessiin.but as -3 jjhn rydell says...// -3 there's a new ush to revitiiize towson's... 3 ddstriit... 3 jjsttoffftowson's traafic - the risee. "we have iceecream, pitbeef, pulled pork."that's -&pbecauss thereeare moreplaces - pooeat...ann mmre...are 3 couuty officials...say it's aimed at building n the success...of eeents iie he ffrmer's market. hopf) "they
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-3 sommtimes hhve a performer nn &plot of god thingssto buy and -3 it'' relxed feeling so it's niceeto get out ffom tte office and come uu."(rydell)) ""nd vvry frrday evening and &pbe shut to traffic for the - venue...thattlocals &ppgowinggeeeey week. "we have & greet music..(hhle) "we have 800year olds gee out and dancee we get out and ddncee and itts reellyya lot of uun" & and starringgtuusday eeery tuesday this &psummerr..washington -3 front oo the ld courthouse...will be closed to &ptraffic....orranooher street fair. haffood)) we're oing 3pllnnhtime so peoppe can sit in theecourrhouse gardenss enjoy & it and eattand dineeand shho.""-3 council...endorsss a measurr to spark... revitilizatiin in toowonittputs...development & projects....on the faat- track. & (hyye) "they're dding their - best to keep towson activeeand involved nddkeeping the
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community invvlvvd in it." steps aimed at making he counny seat...mmreeappealing -3 and nno thoseewho live here..n ttwson, jjhn &rydeel, fox 45 news at ten. p3 as... hot... // aa... it was today... / áálotsáá of people ...were lookingg or... & any way....they couldd.. to cool down.&pdown. if you wwnt to 7- pleven today.. yyu got to - frre.ááslurree machineáá mmchineeá 7-eleeenngave & awayyfree slurpees today... to &pmark the oovenience sorr - chain's 84th birthdaa. thh & comppny started with one store today.. thre are more than 41- - thousand tooes around the &pworld. bb the way.. it got itt naae noo just from he date.....but alsoo... from iis -33poriginal hours.. rrmaining 3 3 3 chiif meteooologiit vytas rrid -3 didd't have any time ffr -& sslrpees tonight. he was trackiig a tornado warning. warning. he joins
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us with theelatest on thee - ssveee weaaher.. and the eat. &heat. &p 3 be in charge of your own & forecast. áái-radaráá... is 3&tt
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track coming storms downntt your street. go to &pfoxbaltimore dottcommslash &pi--adarr -3 3 p iffyoo erreat the venue at whitt marss saaurday might haae thhuugt it wassthe nd of - the world. wooldd 220---ombies... &&pthe outdoor mall... aturday &pnight..../// áátheyáá an indepennent zombie film.../ 3 pflm-maaers... senttussthese workkd... thhu...the niihh.../ to ccmpplte their scenes. 3 and when ii cooes pour neighborhood... sse it.. shoottit.. send it. pou can upload photos and viieos to our website. go to -3 fooballimore dot com and click - on thee"seeeit, shooo it, sendd it icon. you can allo senn & foxbalttiore dot com." 33 &p3& é182422 all this was -&pcompletely, just gooe (use pideeshot) 3 ounded wwrriors.. woking tthir wayy
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33 baltimore tourist attractioo 33p car... 3& theetarget of thiss -
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,3 they gaae... theer all... in - ffghting forramericaa../. áá parrrorsáá.../ falling'' the hallenge of rettrning tt an ordinary life. 3& ooporttnity tt dd that.... at
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the national aquarium. cover story tonight.. & uuddrwater warriors. 3 3&pthe peece and calm ffthe ater,,- water, & the silent beaatt of the 3 3 itts the exaat opposite of -3& having yyur life oo the linee -3&peeery day innafghanistan meet lance corporal eli tice ttce & p3i'm a seventh generation 3 paghanistan. oo patrol eli's mennfinn a taliban strooghold. stronghold. 3 he gottdown beeind it and cted ike he waa shooting -33 heewas ssccnd in ine, behhid his bomb sppciaaist. specialiss. he was right in front of me, he must havv got lluky and & tepped right over it -3 p3 3 3&&pi heard the marinn that was in front oo mm e caught up and 3&pwhere you at.... -3& 3 the hidden iedd ripped through & eei's body bbdy 33 all ttis wws completely, just -3gooe (usee ide shot) hours later, eewws in germaay 3 3 3 surgeeyyevery other daya - totallof 17 painnul ooerations
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&pto try to put eli back together. together. & kin grafts... 3 3 prrotehettcs 3 and a missingg humb, -33 33 yooure lucky to be alive during inttnsivv physical therapyyat walter reid, he heard abouu the sds program program 3& i idn't think i'd beesscbaa ddving nyttme soon he was thh pirst toosignnup, trained hhrd, anndwound uu at baltimore's national aquariiu. -3 aquarium. & 3& you'rr thiikinni'' about to & pumppinto he freakknn aaqarium, nobody gets to do thatta place wheee disability & doesn't aater. 3 it'' the closest thing to zero foo a vibrant fisshbecomes - theirrrraaity & -3 3 by now a crowddhas gatteredd 3 & 3 peeryyody, ll heespectators here, all the guusts that are heeeethhe're going to be able - to sse sommehing that's never 3 p3 i meannthese guys served their purpose, they helled keep ur freedoo,chhck eicholz is ttee
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divv safety ooficer, he and hissteam worked for three years to briin theewounded & warrioos here. 3 phey areejust awwsome eople it ets them bbck into a normal sceeario the story poesn't end theree laane 3&pconnection at the aquurium. aquurium. our reen sea ttrtle ound ann attraction to him, she & pctually laid down in his lap right there on hhs lap waiting hee. - 3 33 like a big dogg just rubbing it's head against yoou ffr the ddvers, lost her leftt front flipper and like the 3aquariumms waters. waters..this thing ii like probably you just sttat petting her, ddgg,jjst commng p wanttng to be etted and loveddoon... p3 &p3 palypso hhs a err simmiar situation, was shh ealous that she saw hese guys with & their prosthhtics and noo she wantssonn aaspecial friendship
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eli will never ffoget forgett- &pthat was a rrallyy nique experience, just bondinn with that tuurle suds is aboutt freeddm and rediscoveeing hee drive to exploree expllre. 3 just beeause i lost my leg, poesn't meanni can't try new things and eel waats ooher guys to get into he program. proggaa. 3&pii reaalyyreally, ges you & into that menttlity f ohh yeah, canndo annthing... ii thougg 3 3 3 sempee fidi,semper fi 3 3 lance corporaa ticeehaa taken his rehabiiitttion to new -3 heights. he's now llading the -3 wwy for wwunded warriors in & the air. he's tte firss if... youuwant... more... abouttthe amazinggwork.../ 3 aquarium... areedding... -3 ffrr soodiers.../.. áágoáá -3tt... fox baltimore dot com.../ aad click on ewwlinks. 3 unemployment... still aaove 9-percent. percent.. the ethnic ggoup haa as an unemploymentt 3 averaae.. aad whaa could be
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3 p protecting yoursslf -3 from tte un. just how - puch sunscreen youushould be - putting on.. and the two words -33 to look for the next time you bbyya bbttle. 3 &p3- ♪ ♪ whoa, whoa! 10:00 and 2:00, buddy. eyes on the road, right? hands on the wheel. [ male announcer ] the want-it, need-it... stay focused. [ male announcer ] ...gotta-have-it taste of mcdonald's burgers. the simple joy worth waiting for. [ young man ] how's your burger, bro? [ laughs ]
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you're the best, mr. snuggles. [ thinking ] another pet name? all right, i'm smart enough to notice that my favorite fresh-brewed mickey d's sweet tea is now on the dollar menu, so i'm smart enough for this. you're the best, too... sweet tea... pie? aww, chipmunk. [ male announcer ] sweet tea and the mcdonald's dollar menu.3 -33-
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3 in just three weees.. the overnment will runnoottof &pmmney.. and default on
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-3 trillions of ollars of loans. 3 to put prrssure on reppblicaa -33 lawmakerssto come to aa agreemmnt oo aising hh debt limit. e sayss e's willlig to cut social paree to tax iicreases. &p3 "i'm prepared to ttke on &psignificant heat from my parry to get somethinn doneeand ii say hat his is impootant" 3& epublicaas say -& economy will just hurt aaericans more. a 3 900mmnute meeting between the partiee today showed no signs of prrgress... so laamakerss &p we akkd: should tax increaaes be parr of any peal? mosttof you whoo respondedd thinn its a bad idea 3christtpherrwrites on pacebook..."higher taxes will just hurt us and eventualll makk ouureconomy s hakky s 3 pasadeea writes on ur websitt..."cutting costs alone
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will not eliminate the deficit, at soom point those who have" eed to do their ppat.. p3 pgo tt fox-baltimore dot com . -3 p teel us whattyou foxbaltimmre. ext your answee to 45-203. enter fx45a ffr yes. fox45b for -3 no.hear more responses onight on the late ditionnat 11.. 3 the debaae... over the 3&p comes... amid... more bad... econommc 3 june... & pnemploymenttnumbers... 3 9.2--peeccnt...//. thhuuand jobs... eree created.../. ááasáá - p bad... as hosee numbees are... / african american worrers../ - p it's... evvn worse. worse. p3 3 p3 3 3 p3 p3 33 p3 3 3 3 p3 p3 3 &&p3 3- 33 p3 3 p the job market has not -3 been friendlyytoomaar summers. pummmrs lost his job three months ago and hasscome to 3 "currently one place is - looking at me - i'' waittng - for a ccntracc to come down &pfrrmmthe goverrmmnt."ii'' a &psimilar story for aarican -&pamericans acrosssthe countryy- theelatest obs reporr found &pthe unempllymenn rate foo african americans is above 166 peecentt- double that of white
10:40 pm
americans."in 1963 or '64, the unemploymenttrate waas 4-percent and the unemppoymeet rateefor frican--mericaas wass& allays been that way.""give or &pbecause many frican amerriaans - trainnng, whichhcculd help them et a job.. ad e says - despite laws aaginst -discrimiiatioo."unless america investment in equallty then &ppeople of color, particullrll -3now hispanics, are ging find themseevvs in a constann struugle."the congrrssional pblacc caucus wants the &pggoernment to do mmre.""tis is aanurgent appeal to the whitee 33& people i mmniiipaliiies aal arouud the ountry, that we
10:41 pm
must attack this issue of unemployment...anddblack unemployment."highly educated afriian ameriicns aren'' - immunn. reginald booker -3 teaches comppter classes at monttgmeryycollege. even with -&pp p-h-d n chemistry, itts been years sice heehad a obb his field. the recession has only aae it worse."no one -3 actually says, 'you're afriian- american, we''r not going too give you a job, i ookkat hee &pstatissics anddi see the ppposite.""iithink it's more people whh are lower-inccme -- have aaharder time finning ptableejobs oo jobs hat givee - ttem long-term financial - stabiliiy.""-& 3 iff.. ou're looking for a job../ átheáá state of maryland... can helpp.../ áágoáá to... &pfoxbaltiiore ottcom....slash cenner neaa yyu. p3 p a securitt failuue o a jet blue flight cleaniig crewwin new jjerey & disccvvred tii taser ii -3 seattpocket
10:42 pm
on board a jet blue flight. the perron sitting at the - seat.. bbt ss far the passengerrhasn't been linnedd pt the weapoo.thhs is eaving aalot of people to quession security. "grandmas can't aae it phrough, 6 yeaas get searched & pbt tassrs get throuuh. . -3 littll bii of a prrblem." 3& gun's mmkerrsays it aa &pmobilize a person for 11 -3 minntesswith ust ""hree seconds" of shocc. 33 3&p more -33& ddngers of seconnhandd moke. -3 the dissbility children might face.. froo being &pexposed to ciiarettes. -3 3 áááxplosionáá ááexplossonáá aacar exxpossoo caaght on appe behind the amaaing cene.
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[ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock paper, scissors for it. ok. [
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chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ] one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations. [ male announcer ] get your own bbq pulled pork sub at subway®. tender, slow-cooked pork with irresistibly bold barbecue sauce. subway. eat fresh®. 3 breeking news out of an amber alert has been issued &pfor a mmssing child police arr darrick chaalls brown who was aboutt6::0. investigators says darrick was thhoon in the - trunk of lateemodel ford
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tauruu llke this one which - ssed away..olice say there appparee to be wo occcpantt - of thh car.if you ave any call 410-336-2100 3 -p3 as yyu head out into the suu... do you know ow much suuscreen to put on? -3 on? doctors say moot offus ddn'' do enoogh to prooect ourselves froo the -3 sun's rays. they recommend oooinn for sunscreen with the words proteccs againss u-v-a aadd 3 at eest two ounces of & sunssceen. 3&pdr. breettmoodyysayss"right here are tto ounnes of & punscreen, ach of these jaas is one ounce. this is how &much a teenager or adult needs theii ntire booy. 33 dermatologists saa the ears and the lips get neglecttd... so take care of those. look for &pa lip balm offs-p-f 30. & 3 more evideece... on the
10:47 pm
danners....of second hanndsmoke. smokee a... & study by ...the 3 pediatrics... shows ...secondhaan 3&p ááincreasesáá a.. child's risk... of.../ beeaaioral... diisrreer bb 500 &ppercent..../ ááiiáá suggests.../ that... oo the nnerly... 5-million p thaa... 12.../ exposed tosmoke... / áá8áá --ercent oo them... suffee learning disabilitiess 3 chillren... a & small as infants.. / 3 peeting... some sorttof & xerrise..... áááheáá britiih guiddliies.../ that babiie... should be should... also limitt.. how much ttie .. their toddders... spend in a &pstroller/... po... watcc t--v...//. show.../ the younger... a child is acttve.. / the... less -3 pikkly... they'll becomm obese as aduuts. there's... still a stopping he rash ttlk ....etween the ravvns and steelers..../ steelers...// what ray rice tweeted hat started the war & of worrs... ext n sports... p3 itts a stapll f anyycookoott - peports rankings.. of tte beett
10:48 pm
mustard n the mmrket.
10:49 pm
honey, why aren't you playing with your friends? i am playing with my friends. hey, mrs. d... joseph? sarah! it's mommy's turn now. let's go. [ male announcer ] the average home has over four internet-connected devices. we were gonna storm the castle. i love your hair. [ sarah ] thanks i went to your guy. it's perfect. i thought we were storming the castle. [ male announcer ] that's why you need the internet rated #1 for supporting multiple users and devices simultaneously. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-tty/v.
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3 pt's bbrbecue seasonn...and tiie to fireeuppthe grill.but &&pwhat gges on those urgges oo 33 break aameal.patriceeharris.. -&pfinds oot which condimmntss made the cut.. on consumer's reports' list.. of the best musttrds. mustards. p3 consumer repprts sizzd up some big-naae musstrds... o find
10:51 pm
whiih come out on top. -3pop.(natsot: mmsic)((/o)ii -&&phot dogs epitomize a slice off aaerican life -- thhn you could say mustard addssthe spice tt life. (natsot: music) pv/o)but choossig a mmstard - can e a bit comppicated. consumer eportssput 11 mustards to the test -- fiiv yellows and ix dijons ---to & finn out wich, weel, realll &caa cct te mustard.without knowing which one they were & trying, seesory panelists -3 ssmpled mussards ssveral - times, evaluatiig them for texture ann flavor. (sot: amy -&pkeatinng"we found you don't need ttospend a llt for a good mustard."(v/o)in fact, the most expennivv mustard testtd, -3&pannie's naturals organic -33yellow - which costteight someeof the others - tasted good, buttit was the guldee'' yelllw as too rated, and its flavorrsare more complex than others. chyron: amm keatingconsuuer reports (sot))it's tastiir thannyyor - average allpaak muutaad, wwth hints of caraway ann dill
10:52 pm
pickle."(v/o))nother very mussard - french's classicc flavor, ann aahint of ayeene &pyour astt, trr grey oupon. it's flavorfuu ann pungenn - phe pricce walmart's great peports' ests. v/o))nyy f thess areesuue to be a crowd ppeaser. pen. 3 and by the ay.... mmutard is aaverryllw callrie conniment....mmssthave less thhn fivv calories orrless-- 3 all thingssconsidered, thh all & psar game has come t the much more ould you take?the birds limp into the break havinn ost 7 in a row aad 12 -3 po their lastt13...they need the break...and so do we... -3& we... p3 but one of them is noo taking a break...catcher matttwiitees be
10:53 pm
th orioles' llnn league team...he'll serve as aa backup to ron washinggon's -& squad....ow in his 3d seeson with thh birds,,youucan just - that is for hhm... -33 ""t's a great honor, it's somethinn you've been dreaming aaout since you were &pa kid. i don't ttink you''l happpn but it maaes yyu vvryy &pproud anddverr eeciteddat all &&pthe work you put in in the pass hassbeen able tt payyoff and get to an all--sar game." 3 aad remember you can see the - all-star gameeright hhre on - ann natiinal league battle it out for hhmm ffeld advantage innthe worlddseries...thh pid-summer cllssic tomorrow at 8... only on fox 45. -3 3 the ravvns and steelers are settto open the season -3 september 11tthat m&t bank stadium, and lockouttor nnt, -3 the iialry remains hot....the dui arrest oo hinns wrd overr pheeweekend has ed to a tyye of twitttrrwar between players from booh sides.. 3&pray rice weeteddttat he &pweek one ecauss of the duu,, & aaddng quote ui charge ot a good ooksteellrs safeey ryan
10:54 pm
clark fired bcckthanking rrcee - me..clark reeponds qqotiig hard...two layyess duking it -3out over ceephoneekeyboardd... & 3 .commnn uu on sportssduring &ptheelate edition... see whoo & pdebb... back to yoo... have... a... horrible boss? enjoy hhs next vvdeo. ááexplossooáá &pp3&pa group oo employees took anddblewwit up. they caught the whole thhng on ccmerr. pet his ride on fire....annd why the supervvsor could e the last man laugging.. coming 3 3áásinginn áásingingg she's he
10:55 pm
&pnew baltimore idol..- idoll this &&pcontestants secret o staying 3 áámerican iiolá
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
3 the next american idoll..could be from alltiore. baalimore..nn now ou're
10:58 pm
walked in hhre to see that sad -3 look up on yourrfaae. ffae. thatts... 3 p áátteáá -3 winner... of ouu baltimmoe idol conteet..../ -3 áásheeá ann... dozens others... auditionee ffiday.../ --3 on... foo45 morning winner today..../. ááshe'lláá & audiiion ... beforr... dol producers ii pitttburgh..../ when we aased pow she'll deal with the & idol contestant. you just need oostay foccsee -3 and centered. i think whhn you make it about other people and you really waat to insppree poter peeple it really akes the pressurr offfof yourself. -3 3 p wee.. wish allie the best offluck...//. áá ouráá ccndace dold... will be ivvein & pittsburghh... ffr theeidol tryouts ...lattr this week. 3&p ww ant to rrmind you aaout an ammbr lert issueddout of ballimore ity tooight. tonighh. eiggt eer old darrick chaalessbrown whoowwa past seen long gwynn avenue aboot 6::0..investtgattrs sayy
10:59 pm
parrrck was thrownnin thhe trunk of lateemodde forr taurus like thissooe which sppd way.iffyou have any informatiin policeewant you o &pcall 10-396-2100. we'll havee 33 edition starting in less thaa 3 3 &p

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